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It's Amazing What You Can Learn in 2 Hours

A small investment can provide you with important, useful skills that will enable you to work much faster and more efficiently. We teach you little-known but powerful techniques in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Windows and the Internet.

Our training is carefully targeted and customized to each audience. To ensure personalized attention, we normally limit our workshops to 6 participants.

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For Example...

You know those "F" (Function) keys at the top of your keyboard? It's amazing what they do! For example, consider F5. If you're on a web page and press F5, it will refresh the page. In PowerPoint, F5 will start your slideshow (or Shift+F5 will start it from the slide you're on). And in Word, F5 will take you to whatever page number you type in.

Yes, You can remember Things like this

You might think, "Shortcuts like this are cool, but I can't remember all that." We disagree. Granted, it's not realistic to memorize every shortcut there is. The good news is, you don't need to. We know from years of experience which ones are genuinely useful (and not hard to remember with a little practice).


​We also offer customized training for yourself or your staff, conducted in-person at your place of business or residence. We are also set up to provide training virtually, using WebEx or Adobe Connect. ​Learn more.


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In addition to Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Windows, and Internet, we offer training in these topics:

  • ​​Business and career (soft skills, business writing, career advancement, more); see our Business Training page.
  • eLearning software (Articulate Storyline, Adobe Presenter, and Adobe Captivate)
  • ​​Pool (as in pocket billiards: learn to excel in 8-ball, 9-ball, etc.)

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The technology is there.